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The Little Shelf is an online newsstand for independent children's magazines that, challenge, inspire and empower our modern and creative kids.

I'm Rebecca Craig and I started The Little Shelf when I found it difficult to source unique, quality magazines for my son. Positive that I was not alone in my quest, I decided to become a stockist for Bravery and Illustoria magazines, and The Little Shelf was born.

The Little Shelf is for little hands to follow their interests and be inspired through engaging content, beautiful illustrations, and challenging activities. Each magazine on The Little Shelf is handpicked. I am constantly searching for new, engaging and beautiful magazines to encourage our children's interests and imaginations and empower them to be their best self and become role models for future generations.

I love The Little Shelf because it embodies so many things about the way I want my child to grow up in this world. To be truly engaged in his ideas and experiments, to have access to powerful information, to practise language and understanding, and to know that he can create the life he dreams of. 

Happy reading!!